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Tips for Choosing a Competent Criminal Defense Attorney

Hiring a competent criminal defense lawyer is vital when charged with a criminal offence. The following are tips for choosing a qualified criminal defense attorney.

Experience is a key consideration when you want to hire an attorney to represent you in your criminal case. It may be wise to inquire hw many years they have dealt with similar cases in order to determine their level of experience. Most importantly, you should inquire about their experience defending clients against a similar case and how any related cases they have handled in the past year. If you are facing a DUI charge, it is more preferable if the lawyer has handled DUI cases before.

You can verify the quality of their representation by asking for references so that you can talk to their past clients who had a case like yours. You can also ask those around you to refer you to criminal defense attorneys that gave them quality representation if they had a similar case.

Location of the attorney is an important factor to help narrow down your list. Choose a lawyer who has been licensed to practice in the area where you will be attending court. Similarly, they should have the local knowledge and be familiar with the court that you will be attending as well as the tendencies of the judges in the area.

Get to know more about the lawyer by running a background search before you hire them. Begin by checking if they have strong credentials and whether they studied criminal law from a recognised law school. You should choose a criminal lawyer that belongs to any bar association and meets the standards and code of ethics during their practise. Finally, you should check if there are any disciplinary actions taken against the prospective attorney.

A reputable criminal defense lawyer will offer you with free consultation so that you can ask questions pertaining to your case. Know who will represent you in your criminal case and ask to meet them. The solicitor you choose should be able to explain the situation at hand and also tell you the possible outcomes. You should however avoid layers who promises you a specific result since it cannot be guaranteed.

Take advantage of the consultation to discuss their legal fees before deciding to hire their services. The cost of service may depend with the experience of the attorney, the nature of the charges or the complexity of the case. Do not go for lawyers that charge based on the results of the case, rather go for those that use the flat-fee basis.

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