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All About Circumcision and Its Advantages

The elimination of the foreskin of the male reproductive organ that covers the tip is what is known as male circumcision. The natural and retractile covering of the glans of the male organ is what is called the prepuce. The decision to have someone circumcised is usually driven by culture, religion, preferences and personal beliefs. When a mother has given birth to a male child, and they have stayed in the hospital for some time, the child is usually circumcised before they leave the hospital premises. Because of the various measures that have been laid out by hospitals, you find out that a majority of male babies are normally circumcised when leaving the hospital. Traditions, religion and hygienic reasons are some of the contributing factors on why parents insist on having their male children to be circumcised.

Families are known to have same beliefs, and when circumcision is done for all members then it means that it has to go on. One of the oldest and commonest surgical procedures that are known worldwide is male circumcision. Doctors and other medical personnel agree that there are many benefits of cutting the prepuce of the male reproductive organ. If you are uncircumcised, the chances of you getting a urinary tract infection are high than the other person who has undergone male circumcision. The ratio of boys who will get tract infections is low than those of the uncircumcised. Indications show that the men who are circumcised are less likely to suffer from a condition which is known as penile cancer compared to the other group of men who are uncircumcised.

The spread of sexually transmitted diseases is known to spread fast among men who are uncircumcised than those who are circumcised because there is no skin to harbor the infections. Good hygiene of the male organ means that the foreskin needs to be cut and that is the reason that makes such men be at risk of contracting some of the diseases or infections. With the prepuce, there is a high risk of having an inflammation that can lead to the tightening and hence closure of the opening of the male organ and this can be avoided when there is circumcision. The men who are circumcised also stand a lower risk of infecting women with diseases.

For children to be circumcised, it is not normally their wish, but that of their parents and what drives the parents to do that varies from one to another. As a couple, you need to come together and know the reasons why your child needs to be circumcised because that is usually the decision for parents to make on behalf of the child. Therefore, you both need to think about this matter before you arrive at the conclusion.

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