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Influencer Marketing Strategy

Without marketing, a business might not survive the stiff competition. Marketing plays a lot of roles to aid a business to perform better. A customer may know about the existence of a product but without constantly being reminded , they may fail to buy the product.

Marketing has an informative role where a customer gets to know about a product that has been introduced to the market, what’s different about it and why they should consider buying it? Influencer marketing is a new technique that is used in marketing. The moment a product or a service is introduced to the market , there is a specific target group that is being targeted. Influencer marketing puts emphasis on certain individuals rather than on the entire target market. Just as technique goes, influencer marketing, the targeted individuals are the influencers. Influencers have some influence over the buyers in the market hence the reason for them being singled out .

The business world has changed thanks to social business , before making some key decisions in the current times, one has to consider the effect that social media has to play in it all. Social media is a platform that enables different parties to meet. Influencers come up thanks to how communication has been revolutionized by social media platforms. An influencer will have a lot of followers on social media and at the same time they have views that are respected. The concept behind the technique is to have a positive impacts on sales.

This shows that it’s not about awareness creation. In selecting an influencer therefore, a marketing department has to be very cautious. In the current times that we are living in, people prefer to trust brand research or hearing about a product from a trusted person. Non for profit organizations that need marketing are better placed with influencer marketing strategies. Audience and research need to be looked at while choosing an influencer, potentials influencers need to have massive followings on social media platforms.

Influencers need to show some kind of connection with the brand that they are taking on, this means that they should easily fit in some key words that aid in selling the brand.An influencer needs to be active on the platforms where they have lots of followings. An active influencer is best to work with when it comes to brand endorsement as it’s what they are hired for while less active influencers will not help the sales.

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