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The Consequences of the Minimum Wage and Employment Condition in California

The California State has laid down some minimum wage that every employee is supposed to be paid as from January 2017. The the amount is set differently for the employers who have less than twenty-six employees and those who have more. The law states that for any employer who has 26 employees or more, should ensure that no employee is paid anything less than ten point five dollars per every hour worked. Later in January 2018. The amount was changed and increased by point five of a dollar for both kinds of employers.

Every Californian employee is guided by three kinds of employment laws. All the three regulations talk about the employer and employee relationship and the minimum wage applicable. The law also states that when the three are conflicting, the employer is supposed to pay the highest rate. That means the employee is supposed to enjoy the amount that is higher than the rest. The employer is supposed to choose the law that is beneficial to the employee all the time.

The employer cannot convince the employee to take anything lesser than what the law stipulates. Even at times when the employee does not mind the smaller amount, the law cannot allow the employee to make it lesser than what is set. The minimum wage applies to adults and minors in the same way. When employees are in the service industry, and they are paid some tips by the customers, the employer cannot use that to reduce the fee.

There is the Division of Labor Standard Enforcement that deals with employers who are not paying their employees the set amount. Any employee can also file court suit to compel the employer to adhere to the set laws. The court will force the employer to pay the lost wages. The law also allows anyone who has left the employment by the time they are using the employer, also to claim the waiting time through the labor laws.

The Court then sets the date and the time when to listen to the lawsuit. Both parties are supposed to prove along with their witnesses during the trial. The proceedings are recorded, and afterward an Order or a Decision or Award of the labor commission is served to the concerned parties. In case any of the parties is not satisfied with what was decided, they are supposed to appeal the ruling. The good thing is that no employer is allowed to intimidate or punish the employee by stating that they are not paid according to the law.

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